Meet our Curriculum Partners:

About Access Alliance

Access Alliances for Education offers over 35 esports career pathway workshops/coursework modules and two full esports courses. AA4E is currently in development on over 20 esports courses/curriculum for higher education, continuing and professional education, and high schools (CTE).

Access Alliance is also the exclusive and named esports curriculum provider for CSL Esports operator of North America’s largest college esports league.

About Learn2Esport

Learn2Esport was founded by esports (and traditional sports) veterans in 2016 who champion learning with esports in a formal educational setting. Since its launch, the company has been supporting the structured, educational needs of students in Sweden and countries across the EU.

By working in close collaboration with educators, coaches, researchers, analysts, and professional players, Learn2Esport is in a unique position in the world of esports in that the company does not solely focus on the competitive aspects of scholastic esports.

From critical thinking to collaboration, from job skills in esports to lessons on entrepreneurship and creativity – the company is fueled by its passion to deliver the best possible formal and informal educational experiences through its technological products and educational content.